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Product Spotlight: In & Out Activity Table

Posted by Simplay3 on Jul 19th 2017

The new In & Out Activity Table is the perfect addition to any home for the playroom, deck, or backyard. This versatile activity table does it all and then compacts nicely for storage after playt … read more

Get Outside: Activities for Your Water Table

Posted by Simplay3 on Jul 11th 2017

It’s summertime and the temperature has been rising, what better way for your little one to beat the heat than to play with water. Water tables not only provide a source of fun but they help children … read more

Creating the Perfect Kids Outdoor Play Space

Posted by Simplay3 on Jul 5th 2017

Outdoor play is key to children’s intellectual, social and of course physical development. The American Academy of Pediatrics says lots of unstructured outdoor play is critical to the health of child … read more

Simplay3: An American Made Story

Posted by Simplay3 on Jun 21st 2017

The story behind Simplay3 is one of American ingenuity, hard work, and pride, and as we move closer toward the 4th of July, is a reminder of why the term "Made in the USA" carries such importance.Tom … read more

Product Spotlight: Elly Coupe

Posted by Simplay3 on Jun 15th 2017

From the very beginning little ones are enamored with animals, even more so with exotic ones like elephants. Elephants grace the pages of so many of our favorite books growing up (Horton Hears a Who a … read more