5 Ways to Use Your Carry & Go Track Table

5 Ways to Use Your Carry & Go Track Table

By Shaye Sicurella On 23 May 2020 In Family Fun, Imaginative Play, Tips and Tricks

The Carry & Go Track Table was made to travel and be used multiple ways! We gathered 5 ways you can use your Carry & Go Track Table to make the most out of your child’s play experience.

1) Use it as a race track

2) Use it as a train track

3) Put mulch or water on the track to create engaging obstacles

4) Place your child's favorite cereal on the tracks (yes, those are CoCo Puffs!) to add another element of play

5) Create a story with your child's favorite fictional character (Thomas the Train, Barbie, Elmo, their favorite paw patrol character, etc.)


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