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Gift Ideas for the Active Toddler

Gift Ideas for the Active Toddler

Posted by Jess Goodwin on 8 Nov 2023

Have rambunctious littles on your hands? Check out these gift options to keep them entertained for hours. 

1. Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Climber

young explorers indoor and outdoor adventure climber playset for toddlers and kids

Climb, slide and crawl all over this playset. Designed to move easily through doorways without disassembling so the play doesn't have to end when it gets chilly. 

2. Rock Around Wobble Disk

Rock Around Wobble Disk sensory seat by simplay3

Hold on tight for a rock, wobble, and 360 degree spin adventure with the Simplay3 Rock Around Wobble Disk! Also available in lime green. 

3. Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Activity Climber

Young Explorers Indoor and outdoor activity climber for toddlers, my fist playset by simplay3

Free-standing climber and slide for kids and toddlers features two levels of play with crawl-through spaces, climbing wall with easy-grip hand and foot holds, steering wheel and extra-wide slide to help develop gross motor skills.

4. Convert-A-Coupe Push Along Riding Car

conver-a-coupe push along riding car push car and toddler scooter by simplay3

Scoot around in this convertible car that can transition to a parent-powered push car.  

5. Downhill Thrill Kids Coaster

Downhill Thrill Kids Roller Coaster toy by simplay3

Mini adrenaline lovers get a thrill as they race up to 20 feet down the track of this kids roller coaster. 

For more gift ideas shop this holiday season.