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Indoor Cold Day Activities for Children Aged 2+

Indoor Cold Day Activities for Children Aged 2+

Posted by Shaye Sicurella on 25 Feb 2020

Spring can not get here soon enough! There’s still some snowy days and cold weather ahead of us, so we put together a list of 8 great Snow Day activities for you and the kids to enjoy!

1) Homemade playdough on the In & Out Activity Table

In a group, kids can make playdough to help develop their creativity and build small worlds or objects. This is a fun activity for kids to learn together.

2) Table top racing with the Carry & Go Track Table

Clear off a table or spot on the floor and create a racetrack for your child’s cars and trucks!

3) Indoor baseball

Grab an empty gift wrap tube and an air-filled balloon. You can designate bases around the house and away you go! This is a great activity for children to learn teamwork and communication skills. It’s also perfect for kids to work off energy on a cold day!

4) Crafty cards on the Play Around Table

Gather old magazines/newspapers and repurpose them to create homemade cards for others on construction paper.

5) Build a fort using the Young Explorers Adventure Climber

Gather pillows and blankets to create an imaginary world or maze for endless hours of fun and imagination!

6) Read together

Being cooped up inside during a snow day or when the weather is cold doesn’t mean you can’t go on an adventure! Reading creates imaginary worlds to explore and reading together creates memories your child, or grandchild, can carry with them as they grow!

7) Make Snow Cream with the Toddler Tower Adjustable Stool

Snow Cream is a childhood classic that needs to be experienced just once! Gather some fresh snow (or shaved ice) and mix with vanilla and sweetened condensed milk for the most unforgettable bowl of ice cream!

8) Housework Hustle

Of course, after all this fun it needs to be cleaned up. However, cleaning up doesn’t have to be “boring.” Put on a fun tune and dance around while cleaning. It will make the time seem like it is going faster, create a more active way of cleaning, and teach the youngins the importance of cleaning up after themselves!