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5 Reasons to invest in a climber this summer

5 Reasons to invest in a climber this summer

Posted by Jess Goodwin on 8 Jun 2022

Climbers - not only fun but educational and developmentally important. There is a reason, well reasons, most daycares and preschools have them in their “motor room” or playground.

1. Inspires imaginative play

Even with a basic climber, a child can create a whole new world within it. A rocket ship, island, or pirate oasis, the options are endless when it comes to your little one’s imagination.

Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse

2. Develops motor skills 

Fine and gross motor skills are crucial to a little one’s development. Gross motor refers to the development of the larger muscles in the body that help move the body in action. Fine motor refers to the development of the small muscles in the hands that help grab and hold objects. On a climber, kids engage all their muscles and grow their fine and gross motor skills by navigating different ways to climb, grabbing onto handles, pulling themselves up and more. 

Simplay3 YEIO Adventure Climber

3. Fosters critical thinking skills

When climbing, children also engage their critical thinking skills. The child must think about their next move before they do it and figure out the best way to get to where they want to go.

Simplay3 YEIO Activity Climber

4. Builds social skills

Having a climber in your backyard is perfect for playdates or when the neighbors come over. The little ones learn to express themselves through play and imagination. While playing, they learn how to use words to express their ideas and imagination to the other children.

Simplay3 Modular System

5. Encourages physical activity

Finally, the child engages in crucial physical activity. In the age of electronics, getting adequate physical activity is critical for your little one. Getting away from the screen and moving in the fresh air is one of the most important elements of a child's health.

Kids playing on the young explorers modular play system, playset, playground, indoor and outdoor, made in the usa

Investing in a climber this summer is a great opportunity to watch your child grow physically and mentally. This investment doesn’t have to break the bank either!Simplay3 offers three different climbers that can be bought individually or all together as a modular system. The most inexpensive of the three is the Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Activity Climber. This climber offers 2-levels of play with a slide and crawling tunnels for your little one to explore.

implay3 Young Explorers Activity Climber - Indoor or Outdoor Climber and Activity Playset for Toddlers and Kids, Made in USA

Next is the Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Climber, a winner of the parent’s Choice Awards. This climber features multi-levels to climb, crawl, and adventure through with an extra-wide slide and many climbing grips and steps.

Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber - Indoor Outdoor Crawl Climb Drive Slide, Year-Round Playset for Children

Lastly, Simplay3 offers the YEIO Discovery Playhouse. This is an all-around playhouse equipped with a kitchen, climbing ramps, ladders, an art board and more. This covered climber will transport your little one to a whole new world with so many different play opportunities.

Simplay3 Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse - Indoor or Outdoor Clubhouse and Activity Playset for Toddlers and Kids, Made in USA

Can’t decide? Purchase them all together and create your own modular system with over 12 different modular combinations.

Young Explorers Modular Play System, playset, playground for kids, outdoor playset. made in the usa

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