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Awards & Honors

Why the 3 you wonder? Simplay3's founder, Tom Murdough, also founded two other successful companies — Little Tikes™ and Step2™. From turtle sandboxes to sturdy mailboxes, Tom has spent a lifetime creating simple products that bring joy to children and the spaces we call home. In fact, Tom was honored as an inductee into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 2020, after 50 years of toy making!

Veteran led, the Simplay3 team understands the challenges and importance of exceeding customer expectations, delivering high-quality, durable, fresh and innovative products. Our products are designed and made in the USA, and are always backed by a dependable, responsive customer service team. Decades of innovation, quality and trust make up the foundation of Simplay3.

2019 Toy Industry Hall of Fame

In 2019 the Toy Industry Hall of Fame recognized Thomas G. Murdough Jr. for his impact on the toy industry by changing the way Toy Manufacturers operated. In 1978, Tom launched the “Turtle Sandbox” and began year-round production of toys, turning the toy industry upside down. Having founded Little Tikes, Step2, and Simplay3, Tom understands the importance of a made in the USA workforce committed to manufacturing innovative children's products that are durable and built to last.

Association of Rotational Molders Hall of Fame

In 2021 the Association of Rotational Molders bestowed the highest honor upon Simplay3’s founder Tom Murdough. Tom’s groundbreaking innovations in rotational molding starting in 1969 has brought rippling effects throughout the toy and outdoor home product industries, leaving a lasting legacy that will continue to revolutionize the way products are designed, made, and assembled.

Hall of Fame