5 Quick Tips for a Relaxed Day of Working from Home

5 Quick Tips for a Relaxed Day of Working from Home

By Shaye Sicurella On 9 Oct 2020 In Tips & Tricks

During COVID-19, work and school have taken different forms. For World Mental Health Day, we wanted to give you 5 quick tips for a relaxed day of teaching and working from home that you can incorporate into your daily routine! 

1. Keep a structured routine

It's important to stick to a schedule while working or teaching from home. Use the time during breakfast to enjoy each other's company and go over the day ahead.

2. Make a goal

To ease stress, make a small attainable goal that you both want to work towards for the day. Adding a reward at the end of the day such as getting ice cream, watching a movie, or playing outside will give both of you something to look forward to.

3. Set up a dedicated learning space

Setting up a dedicated workspace is a great way to separate school/work and personal life. It also helps increase focus!

4. Take breaks

When you can, take a break. That can be during lunch or when your child is in-between classes. Get up and do a few jumping jacks or dance around the room to their favorite song so you release pent up energy!

5. Ask for help

This is the most important one. Working from home or trying to juggle becoming your child's teacher is a lot to take on at once. You are not alone. There are many resources online that give guidance on homeschooling or even support for working from home. 

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