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Our Story

Whether you're 3 or 63, we want to bring more fun and joy to life. We know that simple play or work, no matter what, makes us smile. We built the Simplay3 and American Home brands to bring smiles and ease to life with products that are simply and smartly designed to tackle everyday needs from back-to-basics children's play to maintaining your home and garden.

Our durable products partner with families throughout their day to reach, carry, hold, support and entertain with strength, quality and great design. Made in America by an American workforce, our products are easy to assemble too!

Why the 3 you wonder? We'll give you a hint - we've done this before! We've built our companies based on family values, respect for one another, and respect for our valued customers. We do this because we love to hear laughter and to see people smile. Those smiles are contagious, so we want to encourage them again and again!

Simplay3 Logo

It's Simple, Play!

Simplay3 Logo

Experience. Simple. Living.



Before Simplay3, our founder, Tom Murdough, founded two other successful companies — Little Tikes™ and Step2™. From turtle sandboxes to sturdy mailboxes, Tom has spent a lifetime creating simple products that bring joy to children and the spaces we call home. In fact, Tom was honored as an inductee into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 2020, after 50 years of toy making!

Tom and team understand the challenge and importance of exceeding customer expectations, delivering high-quality, durable, fresh and innovative products. Plus, our products are designed and made in the USA, and are always backed by a dependable, responsive customer service team. Decades of innovation, quality and trust make up the foundation of Simplay3.

Our Values

Quality Products

Simplay3 products are rotational molded, a manufacturing process that creates sturdy, strong, durable products that retain their value, withstanding weather and the toughest of children over the years.

American Made

Simplay3 is a Veteran Owned Company and products are made in the USA by a hard-working, highly skilled, and committed Northeast Ohio work force. All products are recyclable. Simplay3 and its employees are committed to its customers and the communities it serves. Our offices and manufacturing plant are located at 9450 Rosemont Drive, Streetsboro, OH


Made up of a diversified management and design team that helped build those companies, Simplay3 brings an unparalleled level of expertise in every facet of the business. The combination of experience and an enduring belief in the company’s "Do It Right" philosophy results in a simple commitment and resolve to create and supply the consumer products market with the next evolution of rotationally molded products for kids and grown-ups.

Made with Mom in Mind

Playful designs with safe rounded edges keep Mom at ease. Large durable product pieces allow for easy assembly (little to even no assembly in some cases), and offer sturdiness and quality. Most products have multipurpose features so that you can get the most out of your toys.

Customer Service

Simplay3 is committed to providing timely customer service with flexible resolutions that provide our customers with total satisfaction. Every product is stamped with our web address, and toll free phone number, 866-855-0100 for easy customer reference.

Simple Play

Less screen time, more green time – Simplay3 products promote interactive, imaginative unstructured play. As children younger and younger are introduced to the digital world, it is more important than ever to promote simple, basic play patterns that allow kids to be kids. Simplay3 focuses on developing children’s products that encourage this type of engagement.


Our Design Process

Our main objective when brainstorming new ideas for a product is to create something that will inspire creativity in children and adults. There are many ways to go about product design but this is our method.

  1. We start with a product list that is reviewed and whittled down to a few choices that will move onto the next phase.
  2. It’s time to draw! Each of the products chosen from the list will get sketched and then presented to the design team and Tom.
  3. The whole goal for the designers is to get a product to 3D example.
  4. After a product has made it through the third step, a site model is created. This is also where we can finalize styling of the product.
  5. Make it manufacturable. This is where we work to finalize dimensions and create a pattern that is then turned into a mold.

Once a product has gone from inception to mold, it is passed off to our Manager of Production. Continue the journey to learn how your Simplay3 products are made.


Our Manufacturing Process

There are multiple ways to make plastic products: rotational molding, injection molding, blow molding and many more. They each have their pros and cons for both the business and the consumer. At Simplay3 we employ the rotational molding method, or rotomolding for short.

This is our method of choice because of the benefits it provides you: gives products more strength and durability, enables us to produce and ship faster, creates consistency that you can depend on. Rotomolding here in the US also benefits our environment and community: limited materials waste, reduced use of fossil fuels compared to competitors, job creation.

Rotational molding has four distinct steps:

  1. Fill the mold with polymer material
  2. Heat the tool in an oven to melt the material
  3. Cool the tool to solidify the part
  4. Remove the part from the tool

At a high level that sounds pretty straightforward but there is so much more thought and planning that goes into production. There are several different kinds of material that can be used in rotomolding and there are options that allow for multi-layered walls to increase durability. The beauty of this method is that it allows Simplay3 to make small to large, simple to complex parts without damaging the integrity of the product.