Turn your Summer Water Table into a Fall Sensory Bin

Turn your Summer Water Table into a Fall Sensory Bin

By Jess Goodwin On 16 Sep 2022 In fall, sensory play, imaginative play, family fun, DIY, Sensory bun, sensory table, simplay3, the simplay3 comapny, fall activities

As summer comes to a close, you are probably storing away all the fun outdoor water tables from summer. But, not so fast! Give those water tables new life by turning them into fun sensory tables and bins for your little one to enjoy all year long! 

Grab your pumpkin spice latte and some craft supplies - here's how to create the best harvest season themed sensory bin. 


Simplay3's turn your water table into a sensory bin supplies that are listed below

  • Water Table from summer (Used the Carry & Go Ocean Drive Water Play table
  • Corn kernels (used ten bags from the local dollar store) 
  • Fall craft supplies from a craft or dollar store (used about $10 worth of pumpkins, leaves, and pinecones) 
  • Your favorite construction trucks (or your child's current obsession)

Step 1: Clean and dry out your water table to bring inside

The Carry & Go Ocean Drive Water Table

Step 2: Fill your table with corn kernels

Step 3: Place your trinkets

Hint: Hide some of the pumpkins and other supplies under the surface so your child has to use fine motor skills to dig for them

Step 4: Set up your construction trucks

Step 5: PLAY

The fun doesn't have to end when the summer does, Simplay3 designs toys with multiple play structures in mind, so you can play all day, everyday, and every way! 

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