Stay Active and Build Community

Stay Active and Build Community

By Shaye Sicurella On 14 Apr 2020 In Tips & Tricks, Family Fun, Imaginative Play

Looking for new ways to keep the family busy and involved with the community while social distancing? We have pulled together a list of 5 activities you can do together to feel close while still apart.

1. Bear Hunts

Communities all over have been participating in “bear hunts.” Homes in the neighborhood put a Teddy Bear in their window for children to find on family walks or drives. Reach out to your neighbors and create your own Bear Hunt! 

2. Bike Ride or Walk

A nice way to stay active is by going on a walk together as a family or enjoying a bike ride through the neighborhood. Check to see if there are any national parks near you and venture out into nature.

3. Video Calling

Being apart from your family can be rough. Applications like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and Google Duo, make it easy to get together virtually! Plan a time for everyone to get on the call and eat dinner together or have a virtual family game night so you don’t have to miss out on important family time. It is also a great way to stay connected to grandparents.

4. Paint Night

YouTube has a wide variety of videos you can follow for your own paint night. With the use of Zoom, you can share your screen with friends and family to create your own Bob Ross masterpiece.

5. Online Dance Classes

Looking for a fun way to get moving but all of the fitness classes are closed? Dance Magazine has outlined a list of 22 classes from fitness, ballet, jazz, and hip hop for families to enjoy! The best part? Most are being streamed for free over Instagram Live! Find the full list here