4 Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Recipes

4 Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl Sunday looks a little different this year than it did in years past. The Super Bowl was one of the last big gatherings I remember going to before everything shut down. In my house, we have traditions around the Super Bowl, like playing a competitive game of football with our neighbors before kick off, and ranking the best commercials throughout the game. A huge part of any Super Bowl party, whether it is for 40 people or 4 people, is the food. I have pulled some of my favorite kid-friendly Super Bowl treats to keep the kids happy while keeping you sane.

1. Cheeseburgers are for the everyday, but mini cheeseburgers scream game day delight! These mini Cheeseburger bites are the perfect size for their tiny hands, and a great finger food addition to your Super Bowl spread. These mini’s are topped with a little bit of bacon for maximum deliciousness. Check out the full recipe from Small Town Woman here.


2. No Super Bowl Party is complete without pigs in a blanket. Take these out of the oven and watch as the whole family flocks to the kitchen leaving the game in the background. This recipe includes a dip recipe to pair with the pigs in a blanket for a more finished appetizer. I would double the recipe because they will go fast! Check out the full recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron here.


3. Charcuterie boards have a reputation of being somewhat austere, very grown up, and only for fancier occasions. However, this charcuterie board is dressed down and stacked full of kid-friendly treats.You can even sneak some healthy snacks in there! It is great for lots of kids and picky eaters because they can take what they want and leave what they don’t. Check out the full recipe from Mom's Dinner here.


4. Don’t forget dessert! This on-theme, no-bake ice cream sandwich will make sure Super Bowl Sunday ends on a sweet note. This dessert is for the parent who knows their way better around a Joann’s than a stove. It’s mostly crafting. All you need are the store-bought mini ice cream sandwiches, Wooden spoons, a sharpie to add some designs, and your favorite frosting. I know- ice cream AND frosting in the same dessert. Check out the full recipe from Kim Byer’s Celebration Shoppe here. https://thecelebrationshoppe.com/football-ice-cream-sandwich-party-food/