Little Library Has Big Impact on Second Grade Hudson Student

Little Library Has Big Impact on Second Grade Hudson Student

By Simplay3 On 30 Aug 2018 In Little Free Library, Simplay3 Sharing Library, Take a Book Share a Book

Little Library Has Big Impact on Second Grade Hudson Student

Goal to Visit Little Free Libraries During Summer Break Achieved

STREETSBORO, Ohio—August 21, 2018 -- Seven-year-old, Claire Powers, began her summer vacation with a unique bucket list. Before entering second grade at Hudson’s Ellsworth Elementary, Claire set an ambitious goal to visit as many Little Free Libraries as possible during summer break. Being an avid reader, Claire thought visiting different neighborhoods that have a Little Free Library would be great fun and allow her to share some of her favorite books too.

As school begins this month, Claire tallies her list to 10 Little Free Libraries visited and a grand total of 106 books read.

A social media post describing Claire’s summertime bucket list along with a photo of her visiting a Hudson Little Library caught the attention of local Streetsboro manufacturer, Simplay3. The Simplay3 Sharing Library seemed like a perfect reward for Claire’s achievement. So along with her parents, they joined efforts to place one in her very own neighborhood. The family located a perfect spot to install it and loaded it up with the initial books. Their next step was to post the news on the neighborhood association’s Facebook page to come visit, to donate and to take a book. According to Claire’s parents, “It continues to be a huge hit with the kids and adults not only in our neighborhood, but walkers from surrounding neighborhoods as well.”

The “Take a Book, Share a Book,” global grassroots initiative, better known as the Little Free Library, is universally accepted and praised for promoting literacy and instilling a spirit of generosity at the community level. In her words, Claire describes a Little Free Library as, “Kind of like a big mailbox that holds books!”

Claire and her parents agree that the overall experience has been much more than the completion of an assigned summer reading list. Lessons in sharing and experiencing what it means to be a part of a community are at the top of the list of the memories created that will last a lifetime.

Contact: Dotti Franks