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Toddler Gifts that Encourage Time Together

Toddler Gifts that Encourage Time Together

Posted by Jess Goodwin on 8 Nov 2023

Get the entire family together with these gifts from Simplay3.

1. Rock & Roll Teeter Totter

Rock and roll teeter totter by simplay3

Siblings play all day together on this no assembly required seesaw. Also available in blue! 

2. Cooking Kids Dine-In Kitchen Set

cooking kids dine-in kitchen set by simplay3

This kitchen features two seats and all-around play features that allow the entire family to play together! 

3. Sibling Step Stool

sibling step stool by simplay3 two level double sided toddler step stool

No more fighting in the morning on who gets to use the sink first - step up together! 

4. Toddler Tower Adjustable Stool

Toddler Tower kitchen helper stool for kids by simplay3

A safe way for your toddler to get in on the action while cooking, cleaning or decorating! 

5. Sunny Day Picnic Playhouse

Sunny Day Picnic Playhouse by simplay3 for toddlers

With a picnic table and seats for two, toddlers can serve up dinner to Mom, Dad or siblings! 

For more gift ideas shop this holiday season.