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5 best plants to plant in a raised garden bed

5 best plants to plant in a raised garden bed

Posted by Jess Goodwin on 14 Apr 2022

Whether you are new to gardening or transitioning into urban-gardening, picking the perfect plants for raised garden planters can seem intimidating. Planting in a planter isn’t much different from planting in a bed but there are more factors to consider especially when picking your herbs, flowers or vegetables.

1. Root Vegetables

Potatoes, radishes, beets, carrots and onions flourish in raised gardens. Root vegetables require very specific soil, so planting them in a raised garden gives you full control over the roots, so they can grow without disruption from rocks or animals.

simplay3 best plants for a raised garden: Root vegetables - carrots

2. Leafy Greens

Lettuce, spinach and kale can be planted in only 6 inches of soil, so they make for the perfect plants for a small urban garden.

simplay3 best plants for a raised garden: leafy greens - lettuce

3. Perennials

Daylilies, lavender and hosta plants grow very well in raised beds as they flourish in rich moist soil which can be perfected in a raised bed compared to an in-ground bed.

simplay3 best plants for a raised garden: Perennials - yellow daylillies

4. Butterfly annuals

Beckon over butterflies to your raised garden with plants like blue and red salvias, zinnias, pentas, gomphrena, and lantana. These will fill your bed with color and life with very little maintenance.

simplay3 best plants for a raised garden: butterfly annuals - monarch butterfly on a pink annual

5. Tomatoes

Tomato plants are heavy feeders and need all the nutrients they can get. With a raised bed you can easily add compost or plant food whenever they need it.

simplay3 best plants for a raised garden: tomatoes - a bundle of tomatoes

Raised beds come in all shapes and sizes. Simplay3 offers raised gardening planters for you and your kids, so you can introduce and share the love of gardening with your little one. Check out these simple, maintenance free planters that are super easy to assemble and get gardening!

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