Simplay3 Rocking Bridge: American Made Ingenuity at its Best

Simplay3 Rocking Bridge: American Made Ingenuity at its Best

By Simplay3 On 15 Feb 2018 In Kids Toys, Imaginative Play, American Made, Product Spotlight

At Simplay3, we are always looking to bring innovation through our design and manufacturing process, to create great products for the growing child. Point in case is the traditional wooden rocking boat that is widely recognized as a key staple in an Early Childhood environment.

With our strong commitment to this market, Simplay3 designers did extensive research into the current wood models now available. They put their creativity and knowledge of the rotational molding process to work coming up with a new take on a play pattern perfectly suited for young toddlers ages 2-6 years.

First and foremost is the durability of double-wall plastic construction that provides weather-resistant, maintenance-free use both indoors and out! Our rotational molding process and smart design allows the molding-in of key features which results in no assembly needed for the fun to begin.

The Simplay3 Rocking Bridge promotes balance and imaginative play for toddlers.

The Simplay3 Rocking Bridge offers plenty of two-sided play opportunities. It’s a rocker with “sit in” room for up to 4 riders at two seat levels to accommodate different body sizes. And molded-in grips allow kids to hold on providing stability and comfort on even the rockiest rides. It can be easily flipped over to convert to instant climbing fun! A textured staircase on the bridge side provides grip while helping kids develop coordination and balance.

The Rocking Bridge is perfect for helping toddlers develop gross motor skills and balance.

Lastly, because we have many years of experience serving this market, we recognize that caregivers are challenged with equipping your centers with safe, long lasting play things on a very tight budget. You will be delighted to find the Simplay3 Rocking Bridge is not only superior in its design, but at a price well below the competition and will be available this spring!

We offer the Rocking Bridge as an initial example of the good things to come from the Simplay3 Company. Please connect with us to hear what’s new and to share your thoughts.