7 Outdoor Activities from Our Summer Bucket List

7 Outdoor Activities from Our Summer Bucket List

By Simplay3 On 28 Jul 2017 In Summer Fun, Outdoor, Games

Summer is quickly coming to a close and we still have things to mark off our summer bucket list. Summer is definitely a time to take advantage of the weather and be outside, here are our top 7 outdoor activities from the Simplay3 Summer Bucket List.

  1. Visit the zoo - World Elephant Day is coming up, learn more about these beautiful animals and so much more at your local zoo.
  2. Try some out of the box art activities that will make a mess and plenty of memories, painting with feet.
  3. Have some fun while learning, go for a color scavenger hunt.
  4. Teach your kids, or grandkids, about the games from your childhood. A few of our favorites are Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard & Red Rover, Red Rover.
  5. Run a race - we had so much fun at the Cleveland Marathon this summer and now have added a 5k to the bucket list.
  6. Plant a garden - it’s a great way to help your family learn about where their food comes from and create lasting memories in the process. Read more about our top garden tools every beginner needs prior to starting your garden.
  7. Go on an adventure! Explore your local parks to find a new trail or visit a local festival to learn some new about your town.

School and cold weather are just around the corner so get outside and enjoy what nature provides during this wonderful time of year.

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