Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard & Red Rover, Red Rover

Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard & Red Rover, Red Rover

By Simplay3 On 6 Jun 2017 In Games, Summer Fun

It's time for more of our favorite games growing up! If you missed our last post, visit  here to find three more games to try out. You don't typically see these games being played anymore but they provide hours of entertainment and promote team building skills. Learn how to play Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard and Red Rover, Red Rover.

Kick the Can - played with 3+ friends

  1. Select a spot for the can near what will also serve as jail.
  2. Choose who will be "It".
  3. One player kicks the can to start the game and everyone disperses to hide.
  4. The "It" person replaces the can to its starting spot then begins looking for the other players.
  5. To capture a player, "It" person calls out the player's name and hiding place while touching the can.
  6. The person called out then goes to jail if they're correct.
  7. Once all players are caught the game restarts with the first person caught as the new "It".
  8. If a player during game tries to kick the can the It person must get to the can and call out their name, if the player beats them and does kick the can, everyone in jail are freed.

Ghost in the Graveyard - best at night

  1. Designate who will be the first ghost and then identify a base for when the ghost is found.
  2. Set neighborhood boundaries.
  3. The ghost hides within the boundaries while everyone else counts down from 50.
  4. Players then search the yard for the ghost, whoever finds the ghost’s hiding spot hollers out “Ghost in the Graveyard” for all to hear.
  5. The player that finds the ghost is safe while all other players have to race back to base.
  6. Whoever the ghost tags when players are trying to return to base is the next ghost.

Red Rover, Red Rover - need equal number of players and minimum of 6

  1. Two teams line up 20 feet apart from each other.
  2. Linking arms, the first team agrees on a player to call over from the other team. 
  3. Calling that player "Red rover, red rover send _____ on over".
  4. The person called then has to run at the opposite team and try to break through the chain (their linked arms).
  5. If the person is not able to break through, they join that team.  If the person does break through they choose a player to take back to their original team.
  6. Teams take turns calling people over, the game ends when one person is left on a team.  The team with the most people win.

Be on the look out for more summertime games! Be sure to share your favorites with us too.