Cops & Robbers, Flashlight Tag and Capture the Flag

Cops & Robbers, Flashlight Tag and Capture the Flag

By Simplay3 On 16 May 2017 In Games, Summer Fun

As the weather warms up we’re reminded of all the amazing games we played as children. Whether it a good game of Monkey in the Middle or fighting off siblings to be King of the Mountain, the games of our youth hold a special place in our hearts. At Simplay3 we hope to be a part of what makes childhood great so in the spirit of childhood, here are some of our favorite games growing up:

Cops & Robbers - typically played at night

  1. Gather all of your friends and divide them into two groups - Cops and Robbers
  2. Choose an object for the robbers to try to steal
  3. Robbers must steal the object while eluding the cops to win
  4. Cops can tag robbers to remove them from the game or send them to jail
  5. If jailed, Robbers can free their jailed teammates by tagging them

Flashlight Tag - typically played at night

  1. Set the boundaries of where you can hide
  2. Choose who will be It - they get the flashlight
  3. Everyone else hides
  4. The It person then finds the other players.
  5. Players are out when the light falls on them

Capture the Flag - can be played inside or outside

  1. You need an even number of players (10-12)
  2. Decide and mark the boundaries of the field and designate a jail for each team
    1. The playing field should be divided into three areas, having the two teams separated by a neutral space
  3. Hide your team’s flag secretly in your area
    1. You get 5 minutes to hide your flag
  4. Once both teams have hidden their flag it’s time to start playing
  5. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your team’s territory
  6. If you are tagged by an enemy team member in their team’s territory you go to jail
  7. To be freed from jail one of your team members must tag you

Cops & robbers, flashlight tag and capture the flag are just a few of our favorites. To keep the games going this summer we’ll continue to highlight a couple each month. So check back to learn new, old ways to have fun!