Spring Into Summer with These Top Tips

By Simplay3 On 25 Apr 2017 In Gardening, Tips & Tricks, Outdoor

Spring into Summer with Simplay3

It’s the end of April and by now (theoretically) we’ve all done our spring cleaning inside. As May encroaches it’s time to shift focus to the yard. At Simplay3 we take pride in first impressions and that’s why we’ve developed products that help you provide your family and friends with a great first impression of your home. These are our top tips in getting your yard ready for spring:

  • Checkout your grass, are there any bare patches that need re-seeded?
  • Take inventory of your tools and equipment to make sure you address any needs for repair, cleaning or replacement
  • Clear out those pesky weeds. You can even use last year’s perennial foliage to start or add to your compost pile
  • Start a compost pile. When starting a compost remember the 3:1 ratio of carbon to nitrogen or brown to green. For more details check out this video from Pure Living for Life:
  • Look for small improvement projects like installing new exterior lights or replacing your mailbox. For a customized look to your mailbox check out our new line of Mailboxes
  • Pick out your plants for your flowerbeds to add color and a focal point to the yard. To start maybe consider pansies as they grow greta in almost any environment in the US and are a cold weather tolerant flower.
  • Prune your winter damaged tree limbs and shrubs.
  • Especially in the midwest apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent unwanted growth, such as crabgrass. HGTV can help with providing more details around when to apply herbicides.

Lastly, set your lawn with some outdoor furniture and then enjoy the view!