Simplay3’s First Round Pick

By Simplay3 On 27 Apr 2017 In Football, Summer Fun

First Round Pick Zane in his Push About Helmet

Happy Draft Day! The 2017 season is off to a great start, with our first round pick we’re excited to announce the addition of Zane to the Simplay3 team! This rambunctious little boy is always ready to play and has a great attitude about the game. He’s sure to be a game changer in the upcoming season.

Notable Stats:

  • Age - Almost 3!
  • Height - 40’’
  • Birthday - June
  • Nickname - Zuzu
  • Best Friend - Ethan
  • Favorite Color - Blue
  • Favorite Food - Strawberries
  • Favorite Superhero - Captain America
  • Favorite Disney Princess - Ariel
  • Favorite Book - Three Little Pigs
  • Favorite Toy - Aladdin 

Zane’s resume is impressive, he’s sweet, energetic and can hang with the best of them. We’re looking forward to seeing this player on the field.