Simplay3 Gift Guide to Ride-On Toys

Simplay3 Gift Guide to Ride-On Toys

By Simplay3 On 9 Aug 2017 In Gift Guide, Ride-Ons, Kids Toys

Gift giving can be an arduous process and when it comes to toys there is so much to consider: interest, age, developmental stage, etc. To help make your decision process a bit smoother here are the basics to keep in mind for ride-on toys with the child in your life.

  1. Age - While all children develop at different rates definitely keep in mind what age products are specifically designed, and rated, for.
  2. Safety - Especially with younger children it’s important to keep safety in mind. Is there a harness, seat belt, will little hands catch in the wheels.
  3. Fun - Children have amazing imagination, fuel that imagination with toys that help inspire creative fun.
  4. Longevity - Will this product last? Not just durability but will it keep my child’s interest and will it grow with them.

Here’s a chart of when our ride-on toys should be a consideration for your growing little one.