Simplay3: An American Made Story

Simplay3: An American Made Story

By Simplay3 On 21 Jun 2017 In American Made, Tom Murdough, Toys

The story behind Simplay3 is one of American ingenuity, hard work, and pride, and as we move closer toward the 4th of July, is a reminder of why the term "Made in the USA" carries such importance.

Tom Murdough is the man behind the Simplay3 Brand. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Tom has been a toy maker for over 45 years. He founded both Little Tikes and Step2, and built them into iconic brands that families have counted on to keep imaginative, unstructured play alive with durable children's products.

Simplay3 founder, Tom Murdough, and children playing in Simplay3 toys

Simplay3 is born from the idea of simple play. Too often we are in such a rush that, as children and adults, we don’t take the time to remove the technology in our lives and just simply play. Play is such an important part of growth and development that Simplay3 wants to help promote family time by giving you options of products that don’t need batteries, have no buttons, that truly promote creative thinking and imaginative play. That’s why we exist, that’s why we produce quality.

At 78 years old and having successfully created and sold two major toy brands, you’re probably thinking “Why start again?”. That's an easy answer for Tom because he believes in American made quality and is dedicated to keeping work right here in the USA. 

Simplay3 Made in the USA