Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

By Simplay3 On 22 Sep 2017 In Outdoor, Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year when you soak up every little bit of sunshine before winter hits. From fishing and hunting to hikes and picnics, being outdoors is synonymous with Fall. While all of these outdoor activities promote a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to also keep safety in mind. Here are our top tips to keep in mind this Fall for all your outdoor activities.

  1. Watch the weather. Fall is notorious for changing weather, it could be sunny and 75 then the next hour torrential downpour. Before heading out always check the weather so that you are prepared.
  2. Have a safety kit in your car. This safety kit should go beyond bandaids and gauze be sure to include a flare, snacks, water and a blanket.
  3. Geographically correct nature supplies. Whether it be a compass, bear spray, bug spray or sunscreen, be prepared for the area you’re exploring.
  4. Safety conscious clothing. Reflectors for running, orange hat for hunters, helmet when riding a bike, sometimes the right clothing can make a big impact on your safety.
  5. Activity appropriate footwear. Be prepared with tennis shoes, high ankle support boots or waders, whatever the activity calls for so that you can avoid foot injuries.
  6. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

It never hurts to be prepared so plan ahead and think through your different scenarios but most of all have fun!