Keep It Easy: Easy Haul DIY Fire Pit Tutorial

By Simplay3 On 27 Oct 2017 In Outdoor, Family Fun, DIY

As the weather cools we instinctively want to heat up. The best way to do that while still enjoying fresh air is to have a bonfire. From s’mores to telling stories, a fire pit makes the experience better. In just one morning and a little planning you can have a new fire pit ready to enjoy.

The Easy Haul DIY Fire Pit tutorial, 8 steps to enjoy backyard fires.

Easy Haul DIY Fire Pit Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Step 1

Haul all supplies close to where you’ll be building the fire pit. This will make the setup easier as you build the rings.

Haul supplies to fire ring location with the Easy Haul Flat Bed Cart

Step 2

Lay the bottom ring. Leave a little space between each of the blocks so that the ring is the largest of the three.

First ring of the DIY fire pit

Step 3

Lay the second ring with a little less space between each block.

Lay second ring of DIY fire pit with small gap between each block

Step 4

At the backside of the second ring, leave a large gap to allow for oxygen.

Leave oxygen gap in second ring of DIY fire pit

Step 5

Lay third ring with very little space between the blocks.

Third and final ring of DIY fire pit

Step 6

Pour a bag of paver sand and level

Lay and level paver sand at base of fire pit

Step 7

Pour gravel or pebbles down on top of the paver sand.

Spread gravel on top of the paver sand

Step 8


Enjoy your DIY fire pit