Get Outside: Activities for Your Water Table

By Simplay3 On 11 Jul 2017 In Summer Fun, Childrens Toys, Outdoor

It’s summertime and the temperature has been rising, what better way for your little one to beat the heat than to play with water. Water tables not only provide a source of fun but they help children develop through sensory play and social interaction. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of your water play this summer.

  • Make playtime a theme! Does your little girl have an interest in whales, fish and boats? Take toys she already has that fit an ocean theme and you’ll discover a marine biologist may be in your backyard! Check out some other sensory play ideas from JetSettingMom.
  • Has your little boy watched you wash the car lately? Add some soap and set up a washing station so that he can wash his coupe...or the dog ;) The use of water and different types of scrub brushes introduces textures that will help him learn and discover new things.
  • Work on letters and numbers by adding bathtub foam alphabet and numbers to the water. Your little one can work on counting and sounds while staying cool and having fun.
  • Bring nature into play. Find different flowers, leaves, bark, sticks, etc and add them to the water to play a game of ‘Will it float?’ This helps children learn the concept of floating and an object’s relationship to water while working on sensory development simultaneously.

Whatever you do, your little one is sure to have a ball (and stay cool!) with their water table. What’s your favorite water table activity?