Choosing a Mailbox to Fit Your Style

Choosing a Mailbox to Fit Your Style

By Simplay3 On 11 Apr 2017 In Tips & Tricks, DIY, Outdoor Living

The snow is clearing out across the country and while the plows have helped keep us on the roads they haven’t necessarily helped keep your mailbox in the ground. On the bright side this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your mailbox with something that better reflects the style of your home.

When refreshing the look around your house your mailbox probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind on how to infuse style into your home. Simplay3 wants to change that. Our designers have brought fresh designs to the mailbox category that give you a wide breadth of colors and options to choose from. While these styles are new, they have longevity.

Here’s what to consider as you pick the perfect mailbox to compliment your home:

  • Color - it’s far easier to change the color of your mailbox than the color of your house. So have a color in mind that will work with the color scheme surrounding your home.
  • Post Style - no longer do you just place a mailbox on a wood post and call it day. At Simplay3 we have several post styles you can choose, from a more traditional look like the Classic, shown here with the classic mailbox top:

Classic Mailboxes

to a natural look like the Rustic post:

Rustic Barn Mailbox

  • Mailbox Top - What describes your style? Americana, heritage, colonial, rustic, no matter the adjective Simplay3’s mailbox line has you covered.
  • Durability - the elements can be brutal on a mailbox be sure to choose one that will hold up over the years. Simplay3 stands behind all of its products and is available to help with any issues or questions regarding its products.
  • Consider where you are purchasing your mailbox. Is it from a company that will stand behind its products? Have they thought through installation to make it easier for you? Our all-in-one mailbox and post style covers a new or existing 4x4 post. Do you like to buy product made in America? Does your mailbox meet the US postal service standards? 

Your mailbox is the first impression of your home, have it reflect your individual style! Check out Simplay3’s Mailbox line to find the perfect mailbox for your home.