Celebrate National Zoo Lovers Day!

Celebrate National Zoo Lovers Day!

By Simplay3 On 6 Apr 2017

Elly Coupe at the Zoo

April 8th marks National Zoo Lovers Day each year. This is the perfect day to get out and explore your local zoo while learning something new about the animals it hosts. Visiting in the spring is so much fun as the weather gets warmer and we all (animals and humans) need to stretch our legs...or wings, fins, you get the idea.

Exploring the zoo is also a great way to encourage exercise and movement, but if some tiny legs get tired, our High Back Wagon and Game Day Push About Helmet are perfect for the adventure. Higher back rests and seat belts add safety and comfort, your little can even take a quick nap in the midst of all the excitement.

On our adventure, we’ll learn more about elephants in honor of our Elly Coupe! Be sure to check out your local zoo or learn more from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo website.