Top 5 Tips to Get your Garden Ready for Fall!

Top 5 Tips to Get your Garden Ready for Fall!

By Shaye SIcurella On 23 Sep 2020 In Outdoor, Fall

Fall is here, and with that, Fall gardening! Here are the Top 5 Tips to Get your Garden Ready for Fall!

1) Till your soil

Tilling your garden mixes nutrients around in the soil and will work in any leftover garden matter from the Spring/Summer. Fall tilling will also help to prevent the growth of new weeds in the spring. It will disturb the soil and prevent garden pests and insects from over wintering in the soil.

2) Mulch your beds 

Fall mulch insulates soil, providing a warmer environment for the soil-food web, including earthworms and microbes. Warm soil means these organisms stay active longer into the cold season, improving your soil.

3) Pull up dead plants 

Remove dead annuals from containers and beds. Like vegetable debris, they could harbor pest issues and the coarse stems make them difficult to compost. Plants like that should be tossed in the yard waste container. 

4) Plant Fall veggies 

Now that your garden is freshened up, you can take this time to plants fall veggies like lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and pumpkins! 

5) Plant bulbs 

Want to get your garden ready for Spring? Bulbs like Daffodils, Tulips, Dwarf Iris, and Starflower add a nice pop of color right when you need it! 

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